Participating in Holo's ICO is a relatively simple process that should not be daunting for people inexperienced in the world of crypto, and should be trivial for the experienced. This article will walk you through the steps to participate: setting up a wallet, verifying your identity, and whitelisting your wallet address.

You can also follow along with a video walk through of the whitelisting process.

Create an account

Step 1: Visit the sign up page and sign up for an account by entering your email and a secure password (a length of more than 7 characters, including numbers, letters, and symbols is recommended). If you are a backer of our crowdfunding campaign, please sign up with the same email linked to your Indiegogo account.
Step 2. After you sign up, a message will be sent to your email address to confirm. Click the link in your email to verify your email and activate your account.

Enter your personal information

Step 3: Document type: Select the type of your document. For verifying your identity, using a passport or travel document is the most reliable method. Using and ID card or other method will work in some countries. Please refer to the our support article "Accepted Documents for Identity Verification" to check which documents are accepted in your country.
Step 4: Document number: Enter the number of your document exactly as it appears.

Step 5: Country: Select your country of origin or residence. This must match the country of issue of your identifying document.

Step 6: Given names (first and middle names): Enter your first an middle names, exactly as they appear on the given names field of your identifying document.

Step 7: Surname (last name(s)): Enter your last name, or last names, exactly as it appears on your identifying document.

Note: You must enter your legal name exactly as it is shown on your identifying document. For example:

  • If your name is Susan Edward Brown, and your passport says "Susan Edward" for "Given names" and says "Brown" for "Surname", then you should enter in the "Given names" field: "Susan Edward" and you should enter in the "Surname" field: "Brown"
  • If your name is José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and your ID card says "José Luis" for "Given names" and says "Rodríguez Zapatero" for "Surname", then you should enter in the "Given names" field: "José Luis" and you should enter in the "Surname" field: "Rodríguez Zapatero"

If you enter another name than is exactly on your identifying document, leave out a part of your name, or enter your names in the incorrect fields, your verification will fail.

Verify your identity

Step 8: In this step, you will be asked to take a picture of your face, and your identifying document. You must present your real, original identifying document. A picture or photocopy will not work. To take a clear and detailed picture, make sure the camera you're using is clean, and you are in a space with good lighting. Bright, even lighting is very important for taking a clear photo, especially with a less powerful cameras. Unfortunately we cannot accept pictures sent through email or any other means; you must take and send your pictures through our system. There are two ways to complete the upload of photos, one using the webcam on your computer, and one using an app on your mobile device (in case you don't have a webcam, or your webcam is broken).

  • If your computer has a working webcam: Click the "Start verification with webcam" button to begin the verification process. You will be redirected to our verification service provider's tool. Instructions will be provided throughout the verify process. Please follow them carefully in order to expedite your verification experience.
  • If your computer doesn't have a working webcam: Click the "Start verification with mobile app" button to begin verification using your smartphone. You'll be instructed to install the Agrello KYC app on your mobile device. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. Then you'll need to scan the QR-code shown on the page using the Agrello KYC app. You can also input the shortcode manually. Once the sessions are linked, follow the instructions on your mobile device to submit your identity verification application.

Once you complete this step, you should see your Verification status as "Pending." You will now need to wait for our verification service provider's team to verify your identity. This can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or two. A human must review your application for you to be verified. This means verification only progresses during working hours in a European time-zone. Please be patient; you will receive an email when your identity is verified. You will also see your Verification status change to either "Failed" or "Verified" once your application has been reviewed.

Enter your Ethereum address

Step 9: If you don't have an Ethereum address, see our other support article: Setting Up an Ethereum Wallet
Step 10: Enter your Ethereum address. Make sure that the address you enter is exactly the address of your Ethereum wallet. If you enter the wrong address, you will not be able to send us ether, and will have to start the whitelist process over. Once you enter your address and check to make sure it's correct, press the "Set Ethereum address" button. It may take a while for your address to synchronize to our on-chain whitelist. Note: You can complete this step before or after your identity verification is complete, but you won't be able to purchase HoloTokens our ICO contract until you've completed both.

Once your identity is verified and your Ethereum address is synchronized with our on-chain whitelist, you are ready to send ether and receive your long-awaited HoloTokens!

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If you've followed all these instructions and the problem you're encountering persists, please email our support team at [email protected].