Your order will not be automatically confirmed. It will remain pending until our support team can confirm receipt of the correct HOT units and conversion from USD. Click the Complete Order button, and then you will receive instructions for manually transferring HOT.

THIS IS A MANUAL PAYMENT METHOD. In order to process your payment and confirm your purchase you must complete the following steps. Please ensure you send the correct # HOT units as per the instructions below.

1) Convert your total order USD amount to HOT Units at

2) Take a screenshot of the conversion that also displays the current HOT price and the date and time from your device. (See example below)(For screenshots, on Mac you can use Shift+CMD+4 and for Windows, use the PRT-SCR or Print Screen button.)

3) Send HOT units to: 0x557c786dc73fE5B3c1087FDD0D609e099F02306E 
This address may change from time to time. If you are at all concerned, please contact support at [email protected] for confirmation of the address. (Please note, that to send HOT you must have ETH in the wallet for gas. If you are sending from an exchange based wallet, please account for the exchange fee - send HOT amount, plus exchange fee).

4) Send email confirmation with the Transaction Hash (Txid or TxHash) and screenshot to [email protected]st along with your Holo Store order number. Your order may take up to 24 hours to confirm through the Holo Store.