When it comes to timing, please know that HoloFuel will officially launch directly with the release of Holo Beta Mainnet*. Prior to that we will be testing our fuel application along with many other functional aspects of Holo. Announcements with details about releases, including the specific features and some of the intended testing, will be forthcoming to participants and more broadly to our community prior to each Alpha Testnet release. The scheduled releases are as follows:

- Holo Closed Alpha Testnet (not public, available only to Alpha/Beta backers in IGG) 

- Holo Open Alpha Testnet**

- Holo Full Feature Testnet**

- Holo Beta Mainnet**

*As a reminder, HOT will convert 1:1 to HoloFuel and the window for swapping will open directly after the Holo Beta Mainnet release for a minimum of six months.

**The time frame for milestones 2–4 will be confirmed and announced as the information is finalized.

Read the HOT to HoloFuel Swap Announcement.