Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI or DeepKey): DeepKey is the tool for managing keys in Holo and Holochain. With Holochain, you are using a different key pair for each app, which means you are managing a large number of keys. DeepKey ensures users have continuity of identity across Holochain Apps.

Holo Networking Infrastructure: This infrastructure is what allows a web user of a distributed app to type something into a browser address bar and be routed to a HoloHost that serves up the distributed application to the end user. Other network services support the cryptographic validation of a user via the browser and device simulating the same experience of an installed Holochain app user.

Holo Hosting OS Virtual Machine Image: For Closed Alpha, HoloHosts will use a virtual machine image that runs the Holo Hosting OS Virtual Image. This virtual machine image comes with Holochain pre-installed. During the initialization process, cryptographic keys will be generated for Hosts and the device will be registered with the Holo network.

Holo Hosting App: The Holo Hosting App comes pre-installed in the Holo Hosting OS. This App allows App Providers to specify the apps they wish to publish for Internet users, and allows HoloHosts to select which apps they wish to host on their device. The UI specifically provides for a HoloHost to view and manage their hosting activity.

Holo Service Logs App: The Holo Service Logs App is what tracks the bandwidth and processing usage for a host. As a Holo Hosting Device performs functions on behalf of a Holo web user, the associated Holo Service Log App collects signed service logs. When enough service logs are obtained for a HoloHost, a “Proof of Service Invoice” is generated and sent to the relevant App Provider. This invoice is a pre-authorization for payment.

Holo hApp Store: The hApp Store is where App Providers manage applications and make them available for others to install for p2p use. In the Closed Alpha Testnet, this will be implemented as a website with links to installable applications and uploads of any hApp will be limited to the Holo Team.

HoloFuel App: The HoloFuel App is a Holochain App for mutual credit currency accounting. It allows Holo users to exchange value and is used by the Holo Hosting App when Holo App Providers compensate HoloHosts. In our Closed Alpha Testnet, this app will support transactions and billing for hosting, as well as payments between App Providers and HoloHosts using ‘test HoloFuel.’

HoloPorts: HoloPorts from production assembly are expected to arrive to internal team testers during the Closed Alpha Testnet. They will be tested along with the OS Virtual Machine Image, ensuring that they will auto-update to the latest version of the OS.