So let’s talk about dynamic supply—housing is sort of dynamic, right? As demand increases, we build more houses, and building more houses that are needed doesn’t make my house worth less. In fact, if demand is high, prices continue to go up. It’s only when demand drops that it becomes problematic because you cannot just get rid of all the brick and mortar houses. With HoloFuel though, more can be created as capacity and demand increase, and if use changes, it can also shrink the supply available, thus providing some value stability. 

Finding a price point and managing a stable price are very different things. Exchanges are great at the former, and we are relying on them for a lot of early price discovery, especially during the earlier phases as described in the leadership post. However, price discovery happens simplistically from supply/demand; if you have dynamic demand with fixed supply, the price on the exchange will naturally be volatile. Therefore, dynamic supply is needed to create a relatively stable currency.  This stability is an important feature of a medium of exchange currency. It is important to note that what I’m describing is a reflection of how we are intending the system to work once it is a mature ecosystem. There is a long way to go between here and there!