Holo is about great tech (Holochain) and doing great things (Holo). Our currency, HoloFuel, is intended to be one that represents the growing value within a cloud hosting platform, representing the assets or capacity that is available and used within that system. HoloFuel, and by extension HOT, reflects the real fundamentals of what we are building. I expect that many people who have purchased HOT as an investment are pretty happy right now with the pre-launch growth, but our focus as a company is continuing to build the real value of the underlying platform. I’ll leave it to each investor to decide for themselves, but I’m betting on it—and I’m working to make it happen.

The tokenomics of most blockchain projects looks like a ponzi scheme. Because people have gotten used to that ponzi scheme look, they sometimes complain that Holochain doesn’t have similar tokenomics (i.e. looks like a ponzi scheme). Our goals and designs are different. Over the last year this hasn’t seemed to hurt us. Let’s say you held onto ETH over the last year—that is worth 10,000 dollars today. If you had instead used that ETH to purchase HOT during our ICO, do you know what that HOT would be worth—almost $370,000. That doesn’t mean that our tokenomics are perfect, but I think that performance indicates that we haven’t failed too miserably in explaining what our system is and why it has been designed the way it has.