You mentioned in the last AMA that you want to make sure everything works smoothly before shipping, which is understandable. What are the main issues that remain, and can you give a ballpark for how long you think it will take to get a stable and user-friendly release ready?

We’ve had a lot of questions along these lines—specifically, date estimates for HoloPort shipment, and whether the Holo ecosystem will reach a state where it is user-friendly and secure.

We are currently working on automation of our testing and integrations. There really are a ton of DevOps going on right now, which are one of the things that will enable us to predict how we are doing more reliably. We need to be able to repeatedly test end-to-end in an automated way each time we make a change in the system. That is still relatively manual in some areas right now. 

We are also working on scaling Holochain Networking—we have iterative goals and are beginning to see the results we want in that area too. 

Additionally, we are working on a consolidated UI experience so that hosts can configure their Ports and manage their HoloFuel from a single admin app.

We are working on automating and scaling the way our DNS routing works so that as we prepare for hundreds, followed by thousands of nodes, it doesn’t get bogged down with latency issues. We’re also creating configurable cluster testing capabilities where we can change the scale of the network—that is, the number of nodes used during some of the automated tests.

We understand that people want to specifically know when the Holo Network, including apps, networking infrastructure, and all the ‘glue’ that makes Holochain distributed apps accessible from browsers will be ready. We also hear that getting some information on percentage of completion would be helpful as well—and we agree! 

That said, we are also very aware that if we make incorrect statements, it may be worse all around. We are working to be able to make those statements correctly. We are testing things internally and working to make our sprint and release predictions more reliable, which is critical for our planning, and in turn, our communication to you all.

We are now testing apps end-to-end on the Holo Network in Closed Alpha. At this stage the testing is manual, but our cluster testing capability is being expanded to automate our Holo scalability testing needs. 

We are very appreciative of the support from our community—the HOT holders, pre-purchasers of HoloPorts, Advance Sale participants, all those who are writing about us, and especially those who are now building on Holochain.