Holo and Holochain share an ethos about IP; it is one that begins and ends with ‘freedom to operate.’ Our overarching intent is to never find ourselves in a position where someone tells us that we do not have the right to operate because we are infringing on their intellectual property.

There are a few different ways to that—or so we’ve been advised by attorneys who do amazing work with many open source groups. We are essentially following their advice and doing several things. In some instances we are filing for the trademarks that are most important, especially those we feel could be used to commit fraudulent activity or negate our good name. We are attempting to clarify how others can use those terms as well because we want more people involved in the community. 

With Holochain, we have filed for a preliminary patent on one innovation in order to ensure that it can be open sourced and made available for use—and that others cannot limit us for using the design or feature. This is also important as it relates to our license for Holochain, as licenses are based on patent law.