Supporting the interests of our community and token holders has always been a primary objective of our technical, regulatory, and architectural strategies. Before we launched our Initial Community Offering (ICO) in April 2018, we searched many jurisdictions for a regulatory framework that was specifically designed to regulate distributed ledger technology and enable ICOs in a way that was flexible and based on principles, not specific to technology or currency design. Gibraltar has only become a stronger decision over the last 16 months.

In the past we have not recommended exchanges but instead asked our HOT holders to do their own diligence. Recently, we did a complete evaluation of all exchanges currently listing HOT so we could provide some insight into a typically opaque and confusing market.

One of the primary sources for confusion is volume data. Volume can be misleading for a number of reasons including trading incentives, fee structures, and market manipulation.

Though it might be tempting to simply choose an exchange with high volume numbers, we decided to determine our own criteria which weighed some information more heavily than others, including but not limited, to some of the following categories.

  • Security Measures: Two factor authentication and hacking episodes
  • Reputation: Broadly including several qualitative and quantitative factors
  • Geographical Reach: Possible indicator of regulatory compliance framework
  • Ease of Use and UI/UX: Ease of use for both novice and expert crypto traders
  • Methods of Purchase: Fiat currency and credit cards being positive indicators
  • Fee Structure: Can indicate incentives for high trading activity
  • Verification Process: We evaluated those exchanges that have a verification processes as prepared for compliance
  • Community Activity: Qualitative assessment of what people say about the exchange on different online forums

After evaluating all of the listing exchanges, we are prepared to share broadly the exchanges that we believe can currently serve the needs of HOT holders across many different jurisdictions.

We will continue to evolve our list and evaluations as the markets shift and as we may become listed on future exchanges.